Technological Relics Of Our Past Revisited-11

With this series of photographs "Relics of Technology," Jim captures a collection of technological objects that have now become obsolete. These photographs may make some of us nostalgic while through them others may discover the stages in the evolution of [...]

The Grand Canyon -Arizona (United States)-Stunning Photographs Reveal The Astounding Beauty Of our planet-7

Our beautiful planet is full of beautiful scenes each more beautiful than other. We take pleasure to introduce you to 16 of the most beautiful places. We take you around the world from Seychelles Norway to Canada! Discover without delay these [...]

Google Street View Takes You To The Gigantic Temples of Cambodia-18

If you have ever dreamed of exploring ancient temples buried in the jungle, Google provides you with this opportunity without leaving the comfort of your home! Google Street View is now proposing a visit to the Cambodian temples, including the famous [...]

Reliquaries: Stunning Portraits Reveal Malformations In Frogs And Tadpoles-3

For over ten years, an artist has been creating an impressive series of photographs in which he immortalizes frogs and tadpoles malformed. The photographs highlight the deformities in these creatures by coloring the inside of the frogs in an amzaing manner. [...]

The real surroundings Of Famous Tourist Destination Monumentsstcard-2

Photographs of famous landmarks are certainly beautiful but they are often taken at close range or at a specific angle. The fact of focusing only on the most beautiful place does not allow you to see the surroundings. We show you [...]

Old Is Gold-Amazing Cat Fashion From 1915 -15

Most of us love the cuteness and innocence of the cats. On the internet, it is not very uncommon to see the photos of these little fur balls posing for camera in different styles. Well! it turns out that this craze for [...]

Discover the Beauty Of Spiders Through Microscopic Photographs-23

Most of the people get frightened and disgusted by the presence of spiders in their vicinity. Some enthusiasts have tried to explore the sublime beauty of these eight legged creatures through the eye of microscopic photographs. Eight legs and many [...]

Custom Leg Prosthesis Designs For The Fashionable Amputees-12

Some people, despite of their disabilities, do not consider themselves handicapped, and want to live and enjoy the life to its fullest. We present to you some of the customized and fashionable leg prostheses designs for such people.  Bespoke Innovations was [...]

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