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A Dog Owner Takes Funny Photos Of Its Dog By Putting Various Objects On Its Head-6

Cats are not the only ones to make a buzz on the web! Here is the proof,  Scout is a dog that is photographed with various objects on its head. This dog has shown unusual patience for the photoshoot. We make [...]

Amazing Colorful Birds Made Entirely Of Paper 2

An artist reproduces impressive paper sculptures of birds. We present to you a collection of his dazzling paper artworks. Diana Beltran Herrera is an artist who graduated from the University Jorge Tadeo of Bogota , Colombia . He uses paper as the preferred medium to give life to [...]

Cats and dogs making funny expressions like humans

This compilation shows us the most hilarious facial expressions made by the cats and dogs. Whether it is an expression of fear, surprise or smile, it does not leave us indifferent.  Pets have a way of showing their emotions by [...]

sculptures made from single paper sheet

The human creativity does not has any limits. It creates innovative things, appreciates it and then moves on to create new things.  Peter Callesen is a great artist who creates extraordinary works of art from a single sheet of A4 [...]

The Amazing Water Droplet Photo (Credit Corrie White)

Corrie White, a Dutch photographer, is able to realize remarkable photographs by capturing the formation of water droplets. This is a superb combination of the art work and science without any special graphic effects. She realized these photographs using an [...]

Skinny The World's Largest Cat From Texas, USA

"Skinny" is an American cat having the title of the world's biggest cat.  She was born in 2007 and weighs more than 20 kg. The name "skinny" is rather inappropriate since the animal weighs more than 20 kg. She was [...]

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