Breakthrough In Photography: This Device Captures 100 billion frames per second-

Since its invention in 1839, capturing the motion has always been one of the obsessions of photography. In 1878, for the first time a trotting horse was captured on a film and in 1887, the trajectory of a bullet going at supersonic speed. Today, a [...]

Visually Impaired Can Now Feel Their Memories Thanks To 3D Printing of Pirate 3D-1

Pirate3D, a company, has devised an innovative way for the blind people to enjoy a photograph. In fact, they have used a 3D printer to turn a photograph into a scene of apparent life! We tell you more about this touching, [...]

Discover How Our Streets Would Look Like With Buildings Only Having Facades-1

Zachary is a young photographer who is passionate about building facades. In this series of photographs, he imagines a world where building fronts are separated from the rest of the buildings and stand alone in the street. See these pictures full [...]

Hexo+: A Drone That Can Follow And Film You Using GoPro Camera-4

A French company has designed an autonomous unmanned drone that is capable of tracking and filming the moving objects. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding that has generated lots of craze among the extreme sports lovers. Hexo + is [...]

12 Stunning Photographs From National Geographic Photo Contest 2014-

The beauty of these images submitted to the National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 will amaze you!  Discover the breathtaking selection from the site, which lets you admire the 12 shortlisted photographs for the contest. Breathtaking!  The 26th edition of National Geographic Traveler [...]

17 Hilarious Animals Making Fun Like Humans-

They are hairy and they walk on four legs, Yet they are already there to challenge you in the street and to ask you something. We share with you 17 animals that are firmly convinced of being human. Discover without [...]

Most Intriguing Abandoned Places In Middle Of Mojave Desert-12

Joe is a photographer who likes to venture into the Mojave Desert to find the abandoned places and photograph their beauty. The beautiful colors and amazing lights in his photographs enhance the beauty of these buildings returned to nature. Accompany Joe [...]

20 Incredible Examples Of Food Art by Daryana Ukrainian-18

Daryna posts incredible photographs of culinary art on her instagram account. Whether it is logos made from blueberries or cars and lemon fish, DGS share with you these creations full of imagination that will excite your taste buds. Daryna Kossar is a [...]

15 Photographs Prove That Paris Is Indeed The City Of Lights-7

Using this series of photographs we can easily understand that why Paris is called the «City Of Lights». These magnificent photographs show the city with all its splendor. We share with you these 15 most beautiful photos of Paris in the midnight. [...]

Guillaume Ducreux-Discover The Magnificent Beauty Of An Abandoned Palace-2

In the horror movies we have often see abandoned castles, often inhabited by the evil spirits. Well, a photographer has overcome all his internal fears to discover this majestic abandoned palace in France on the frontier with Belgium.  This French [...]

Greenland : Discover The Impressive Icebergs Sculpted By Nature With Beauty-4

Greenland hosts many gigantic icebergs with strange shapes. During his trip to the area, Michael has immortalized these huge blocks of ice carved by Mother Nature using beautiful photo shots! We make you discover this amazing photograph collection. Michael J [...]

Miners in Pittston, PA-Child Labourers-

Nowadays, the working conditions in the developed countries are very different from that of twentieth century. In addition to that, the child labour was also subjected to these painful working conditions. Lewis has compiled these series of shocking photographs showing the [...]

The Starry Sky Of The Atacama Desert, San Pedro, South America, Reveals Its Splendor (Video)-18

"Ancients" is a beautiful short time-lapse video that shows us the beauty of the Atacama Desert, located in South America. Thanks to the absence of clouds, the spectacle offers a splendid view of the starry sky at night. Stars look as [...]

Sightmap: Use Google's Interactive MAP To Discover World's Most Photographed Places -4

Who has not dreamed of traveling around the world with a camera in his hand and taking the photographs of the touristic sites? Well, thanks to Google, now it is possible to see these most photographed places without leaving the comfort [...]

An artist Uses Matching Colors To Give A Dazzling Look To Everyday Objects-5

From amazing landscapes to graceful portraits, photography is used to capture images of many different types. Emilie has set her sights on colored objects of everyday, she arranges them to make beautiful and original pictures with startling perfection. We make you [...]

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