Photo gallery

Baseball bat in the air hit on a man face

Pictues taken coincidently sometimes result in extraordinary situations that even photographer wouldn't have imagined. The photographer are often admired for capturing such scenes in the eye of the camera. However, mostly such unbelievable events occur in a fraction of seconds [...]

Owl camouflage

The wild Natural life is very cruel and competitive. A slight negligence by an animal can make a difference between the survival and death. However, the nature has also provided the animal with tricks so that they can hide or [...]

Fireworks in Perth on Australian National Day

The arrival of the new year around the world, is traditionally greeted with the display of fireworks. Discover some of the amazing photos of the fireworks taken using the slow time-exposure photography technique. This technique enables the photographer to sharply [...]

JFK-John F. Kennedy

Photography is an art of capturing important moments of life and immortalizing them forever. This is particularly true for the celebrities who are admired and loved by many people. Here we present a collection 20 photos which are the last [...]

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