Drone Take Pet Dogs Out For A Walk-1

While it looks as if Amazon is serious about delivering its goods by drone, Dominos wants to use drones for  Pizza delivery and Dubai Government wants to use Drones to deliver official documents, Jeff Myers has thought of using drones to [...]

Animals Of Savannah In Paris Metro-4

Attention animals invade the Paris Metro! Two photographers, Clarisse and Thomas, imagine what would have happened if animals of Savannah had invaded Paris Subway. A funny and touching montages where animals and humans live in perfect harmony! "AniMétro" is an idea [...]

Raven Has A Remarkable Brain Capable Of Solving Complex Puzzles In 8 Steps-8

Although the man is considered to be the most intelligent of the species living on the planet earth. Some other species also have some highly developed intellectual abilities. Scientists have always been fascinated by them and seek to constantly evaluate their [...]

Furniture Designs To Make Your Apartment An Animal paradise-32

Our pets are very important to most of us as we get emotionally attached to them over time. Therefore, many of us would like that the our homes are not only comfortable places for us but also for our little [...]

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