Paris Police To Experiment With Drones To Combat Crimes-

The Paris Police will soon be experimenting with drones for the surveillance of sensitive areas in the French capital. On the other side of Atlantic, majority of American cities have already acquired many drones for the same purpose. The adoption of [...]

World's Top 6 Most Majestic And Beautiful Train Stations-9

When you want to board a train, waiting in the station is not necessarily the most exciting moment. However, in some stations this becomes a magical moment thanks to the beautiful architecture of the station building. We make you discover six [...]

15 Photographs Prove That Paris Is Indeed The City Of Lights-7

Using this series of photographs we can easily understand that why Paris is called the «City Of Lights». These magnificent photographs show the city with all its splendor. We share with you these 15 most beautiful photos of Paris in the midnight. [...]

Douce Menace: An Animated Film In Which City Of Paris Is Destroyed By A Giant Pigeon-12

Douce Menance, translated as "Silent Threat", is a very nice animated film that makes you discover Paris and its monuments from a very unique perspective. They are destroyed by a giant pigeon.  This video, made ​​by  Margaux Vaxelaire  as his final [...]

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