Open Source

Poppy: The World's First Completely Open Source Humanoid-1

Poppy, is the world's first open-source 3D printed robot that can have many useful applications in scientific research, artistic performances and classrooms. The project has been funded by the European Research Council. Discover this amazing robot without delay. Here is [...]

Dronecode: An Open-Source Platform For Drone Development-

Linux Foundation announces the launching of a collaborative and non-profit platform for the development of drones. Named as Dronecode, it is designed to promote open-source applications for the personal, as well as, commercial drones. This will help drone developers who will [...]

Robo Brain: A Robotic Brain That Can Browse Web To Learn New Skills-

A team of American researchers has developed a robotic brain with a huge database on the Internet. It has the unique ability to browse internet, learn new functions and store the required information on internet. Robo Brain can be considered in [...]

Jimmy: Intel's Open Source 3D Printable Robot-1

Intel wants to promote the democratization of robotics by providing an open source platform that allows anyone to print a robot using a 3D printer. The non-printable electronics and mechanics will be marketed as a separate kit. Ultimately, Intel hopes that fans [...]

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