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Most Touching Photographs-2

We know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This is the case of these 30 shocking pictures that illustrate touching and often tragic moments in our history. You let you discover these extraordinary pictures. 1. A hungry little boy [...]

Emotional Charged Photographs That Prove That Humanity Is Not Yet Lost-3

Pessimistic people may think that humanity is only filled with evil people without a heart? Well, we brings you the proof that there are indeed people who know the definition of "kindness" and "support." Here are 19 photographs  that illustrate the goodness [...]

Cool And Funny Family Photo

Family life is an important aspect of ones life. People having a good family life, in the long run,  also prosper in their professional life. Everyone wants that his home is a garden of paradise for him where he leaves [...]

1390746-detroit-de-motor-city-a-ghost-city (1)

In recent years, real estate development had spurred growth in many countries of the world. However, the mirage ended with the bursting of the real estate bubble. Nothing seemed to stop the bankruptcy of real-estate developers and promoters who had [...]

The Beautiful Insects

With advent of macroscopic photography it has become possible to go even deeper into the mysterious and fascinating world of insects, and appreciate its beauty. Have you ever wondered how many eyes a spider has or how is the body [...]

Brinicles, ice finger of death

This world is full of strange things that provoke curiosity of human mind. We find strange and diverse natural phenomena everywhere on the earth. We have compiled the photo gallery of 10 of the strangest and most unusual phenomena on our planet [...]

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