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Sublime Food Artwork By Malaysian Artist 1

Earlier, we had written an article about 16 Amazing Artworks From Food. Here, we are going to present 22 sublime artwork examples made from food. Discover the work which is both innovative and original. Born to Chinese parents who migrated [...]


These amazing artist will leave you breathless with their three 3D paintings. These artists have chosen the streets to express their creative genius. Seeing these photographs we can easily say that street art has got a bright artist. Discover the [...]

Four Sister In 1975

People who get photographed regularly can see in their images how their faces change with the progression of life and how dresses and the fashions evolve over time. This wonderful idea was used by the photographer Nicholas Nixon to show [...]

Salade shaped as human face

There are many who say that food is sacred  as most people in this world have to work hard to get it. However, this does not stop some of the artists from pushing the boundary of their creativity and make [...]

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