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Beautiful Salt Artwork Done By Japanese Artist 16

The salt is not only confined to be used in foods during our daily lives. Rather, it can also be used in art work, as Japanese  artist Motoi Yamamoto  has used only used salt to create his artwork. The whole [...]

A French Artist The Bestial Aspect Of Human Prersonality (Credit:Charlotte Caron)

A young painter decides to combine animal heads with human portraits to create a hybrid and fascinating creature. The author has tried to show the bestial side of a human beings using these creatures.  It is said that every human [...]


Person having aesthetic sense could make amazing things from materials which seem useless to others. Here we present a collection of pictures from around the world, depicting the aesthetics sense of artists who have made amazing art works in the [...]

A Hyper-Realistic Painting Of Tokyo City

When you view these paintings, they will deceive you into thinking that they are only photographs. However, only the description on the canvas and close examination will reveal that these are acrylic oil paintings. These artists have real gift for capturing [...]

A photograph That Looks Like A Painting (Credit Alexa Meads)

Alexa Meade, an american artist, has found a new way of making paintings using photography. Instead of using canvas,  she prefer to paint  her models and takes photos.  When you see these images, you might think that these are paintings [...]

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