Amazing Virtual Reality Technology Helps Disabled Play Piano-

Japanese researchers have developed an amazing system for the disabled. Thanks to virtual reality glasses and a computer program, people unable to use their hands can now play the piano... with their eyes! We explains all about "Eye Play the Piano", [...]

view from oculus rift made for medical staff

Engineers have made a virtual reality training program using Oculus Rift headset for military medical staff. The purpose is to train the medics the battlefield situations. Head Tracking technology makes the virtual training environment just like the real world. Not only [...]

Polish Firm's Virtual Reality Gadget

Recently, virtual reality has not only generated the interests of technology geeks but also the big companies like Sony, Facebook or even Microsoft are working on it. The main hurdle in the use of this technology is its associated cost [...]

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality has become famous for its applications in video games. Now virtual reality is being used to help the armoured vehicle drivers, as driving an armoured vehicle is really hard job when inside the hatch. The technology is being [...]

Thanks To Oculus Rift: A Dying Grandmother Can Explore Outside world-

An American grandmother suffering from a terrible terminal cancer had only one dream: to see outside her home one last time before leaving this world. The wish came true thanks to Oculus Rift augmented reality technology and the perseverance of her granddaughter. We tell you [...]

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