FingerReader: Revolutionary Ring To Read The Books To The Blind-

A team of researchers has developed a ring-scanner that is able to read any text aloud and it allows blind people to enjoy a book without needing a Braille. We explain how this useful object works!  Although there have been many [...]

A LEGO Passionate Reproduces Amazing Models Of Everyday Objects-8

Chris used the famous LEGO to reconstruct the minimalist models of all sorts of everyday objects. Spaceships to food and technological devices, we share with you a range of these amazing  creations! Chris McVeigh  is an English artist who has a passion for LEGO! Using [...]

Valour: World's First Connected Bike To Warn You Of Dangers Of Road-6

Connected gadgets continue to grow: after bracelets and shoes, here comes the first fully connected ultralight bike! With it, you will never get lost during a walk in the woods or in the city. A beautiful innovation that we make you [...]

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