A Revolutionary Approach Using Drones To Plant 1 Billion Trees Per Year!-

Lauren Fletcher, an engineer at NASA, wants to fight against deforestation by developing drones for large-scale reforestation. This approach can plant a billion trees every year. We tell you more about this project by the environmental specialist. After 20 years [...]

VolcanoBot: NASA's New Compact Robot To Explore Volcanoes From Inside-1

NASA has launched a mini robot that is able to explore volcanoes of the Earth by sneaking into the crevices through which the magma flows. The goal is to develop a 3D model of a volcano to better understand the mechanisms [...]

World's First Tool Made In Space Using 3D Printing-

For the first time, the International Space Station (ISS) astronauts have received a tool design by "e-mail" and then printed it using 3D printing on-board the station. A feat made possible by "Made In Space", a Californian company. We make you discover [...]


Scientists have managed to develop the world's darkest material: the Vantablack. It is a surface capable of absorbing 99.97% of light. We present to you this this unusual material. Surrey Nanosystems, a UK company specializing in nanotechnology, has used carbon nanotubes which [...]

NASA Unveils The Chilling Recordings Of The Universe Sounds-

The vastness of space has always been a source of fascination for human beings.  NASA has recently released recordings of  the sounds produced by electromagnetic waves in space. And these are not the sound effects of the horror movies that you [...]

NASA Experimenting With Origami Inspired Foldable Solar Panels For Satellites-

We know that solar panels are a vital part of the satellites. They captures solar energy rays to provide electrical power for the functioning of satellites. Solar panels are designed to have maximum surface area so that they may capture [...]

Opportunity Breaks The World Record Of Travelling The Longest Extraterrestrial Distance-2

The Rover opportunity landed on Mars on January 25, 2004. It has completed almost a decade of service on the red planet. Today NASA has achieved another world record, "Opportunity has become world's first robot to travel the longest extraterrestrial distance".  On [...]

Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple

A large number of people tourists and Buddhist monks visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia each year. The archaeologists are now using NASA’s technology to locate 200 hidden paintings. These are the paintings of elephants and gods made on the walls of [...]

Rodent residence for space rats

NASA has recently made a habitat for rats going to the International Space Station this August. The newly built cages are designed for extended stay of mice in space. The main objective is to study the genetic effects of prolonged stay [...]

Clean and Tidy interior

No doubt, the fantasy of human beings with space travel have been inspired by the fiction stories of Arthur C. Clark like 2001: Space Odyssey. No one would have thought that such fiction stories could lead the world to such [...]

A Study By NASA Reveals The Imminent Collapse Of Our Civilization-1

For years, scientists have predicted that inequality in incomes, resource exploitation and uncontrolled population growth would lead to the collapse of human civilization. However, the governments have so far considered these statements as absurd.Today, NASA scientists confirm this terrifying fact in [...]

This Interactive World Map Reveals The Massive Deforestation Of Earth In Real Time-8

Deforestation is a problem of growing concern for the environment of our planet. Each year about 13 million hectares of trees are destroyed on our planet. With Google, you have now the possibility to monitor the evolution of this sad phenomenon [...]

Valkyrie: Nasa's Robotic Superhero To Save Human Lives In Disasters-3

The NASA experts have come up with a new idea to save human lives in case of natural disasters: Build a superhero. But for that purposes you have to build a specialized robot that can brave the difficult conditions  during [...]

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