Thlamic lab from Ontario, Canada has developed a gadget that can be used in place of a computer mouse. The gadget comes in the form of an armband to control the computers with the help of the hand gestures. The working of [...]

10 Things The New Google Driverless Car May Look Like-2

Without wheel, accelerator pedal or a driver, the new autonomous Google car is not just a potentially revolutionary technology but also an icon of automotive style in the 21century. Because of its unique arrangement of the headlights, its radar and its unique body [...]

Researchers isolate anti-aging protein-1

Researchers have made a startling discovery: they were able to isolate the protein in the blood that can reverse the effects of aging. We explain everything about this unprecedented revelation that could shake the humanity. Scientists from Harvard Stem Cell Institute are behind [...]

Enjoy Magical Walk On The Floor Of Sacre-Coeur Casablanca Illuminated By Thousands Of Colors-4

Have you ever wanted wanted to walk on an illuminated and moving floor? Visitors to a church in Casablanca had the same feeling while walking on a beautiful colorful flowerbed inspired by traditional Islamic art. We take you through this fantastic and [...]

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