People With Reduced Mobility Can Use This Revolutionary Exoskeleton To Walk-2

A team of scientists has developed a lightweight exoskeleton that allows people with reduced mobility to walk with less effort. Manufactured with carbon fiber, it weighs about 500 grams for each leg (the same weight as a conventional shoe).  We invite [...]

Advantages Of Barcode Scanner

When the conventional barcode scanner (handheld variety) came out, everyone thought it was the ideal inventory tool. Today, however, there are wireless barcode scanners also available in the market. Barcode scanners with wireless capability are undoubtedly more convenient because these [...]

Thanks To A Revolutionary Implant Paralyzed Find Partial Use Of Their Limbs-2

Losing the use of one's legs is a tragic event. Fortunately, scientists have been searching for an effective way to restore mobility to people with paralysis. They could well be on the right track: the patients have regained the use of [...]

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