MIT Researchers

Japanese Scientists Develop A Hybrid Human-Robotic hand With Seven Fingers-1

A team of MIT researchers has designed a hand glove with two robotic fingers. The glove has embedded sensors and associated algorithms to detect finger movements and use them to control robotic finger movements. The idea is to accomplish the [...]

New hands of humans to help them in handling multiple tasks at a time

The researchers at MIT have developed robotic arms which can help you hold heavy objects. You can reach the objects and places which are normally inaccessible to you. The arms are based on the concept of Dr. Octopus but differs in [...]

MIT Scientists Design A Robotic Razor Clam That Can Dig Sand Quickly-

The MIT researchers have developed an energy efficient sand digging robot inspired from Razor Clam. The Razor Clam is an aquatic animal that only measures few inches in length and resembles a razor. Yet it has one unique ability to [...]

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