Smartphones Will Detect Explosives And Dangerous Gases Using Smart Cards-

Using simple modified RFID tags, MIT researchers have developed chemical sensors that are capable of transmitting information to smartphone regarding gases in the atmosphere. This revolutionary technology can have numerous applications for detection of explosives and hazardous gases. American chemists [...]

MIT Designs Furniture And Clothing That Can Self-Assemble-1

A team of researchers working at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working on "programmable materials" that transforms its shape with change in effect of temperature or water. With simple technical processes, wood, carbon or textiles could be converted into objects that can self-assemble.  [...]

MIT Robot To Fight Against Smuggling-1

MIT researchers in Boston have developped a submersible oval robot which is capable of performing underwater ultrasound tests to inspect smuggling ships. This innovative robot was presented last week at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. This small [...]

BioSuit: A Revolutionary Skin Tight Space Suit For Astronauts To Move Easily-

Scientists have taken a big step forward in the field of textiles. They have developed the BioSuit which is a new generation of space suit made up of smart material. More convenient and lightweight, it can help astronauts to move in [...]

Engineers Develop Power Plants That Use Nuclear Waste As Fuel-1

As the years pass, ever increasing number of nuclear reactors produce more and more nuclear. This can have severe implications for the ecological future of our planet. But now thanks to this new research, it looks if the impact of [...]

ATLAS: The MIT's Humanoid Robot Can Carry A Heavy Beam-1

The MIT's humanoid robot ATLAS is making considerable progress. This impressive biped is able to take up a metal beam and carry it. The site Gizmodo has given it the title "Humanoid robot ATLAS advances and reaches the level of a lazy teenager". Apart [...]

Researchers Harvard And MIT Develop World's First Origami Inspired Robots-

Researchers at Harvard University and MIT have developed a an origami inspired technique that enables robots to independently change their shape from flat to an articulated structure. Composed of copper layers, paper and shape memory polymer, this robot can be manufactured [...]

A Giant Step For Artificial Organs: Blood Vessels Synthesized By 3D Printing-

Since its invention, 3D printing continues to push the boundaries of technology. Moreover, researchers have managed the feat of creating fully functional synthetic blood vessels. We explain to you this significant scientific achievement. Until now, the major problem encountered during 3D [...]

MIT Students Invent A Special 3D printer To Print Ice Cream-

There are now a lot of different types of 3D printers available. Some are classical that allow you to print small 3D objects like a traditional printer. Then, there are the others, those which are a bit special and are dedicated to a [...]

you can monitor the gestures, emotions, size and motion of 4 individuals with the help of new system-

MIT researchers claim that they have made a system that can monitor the vital signs through the walls. The system basically transmits a low power wireless signals through the wall. Some of this signals gets reflected back by the human beings [...]

MIT Developing Drones That Can Recharge From Power Lines-

A team of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been working on a project for several years  that would allow drones to locate power lines and recharge their batteries from them, before resuming their flight. A technology still under development that [...]

Fog Mesh

Drinking water is one of the most essential needs of human beings. Everyone has the right of getting clean and healthy drinking water. For this purpose, recently American scientists have developed a new system that uses morning fog to collect [...]


Investment in education of children is one of the most important factor in parent's lives. Mostly, the parents would like to invest where they think their children will be able to get maximum financial reward. The institutes gain popularity and [...]

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