10 Mindblowing Google Projects That Failed-1

No, Google has not changed its name as you read recently, let's just say the huge firm reorganizes and that only its web branch will retain the name of Google, the rest becoming Alphabet. But today, as the Californian giant [...]

15 Fun Facts About LEGO That Will Blow You Away-11

Now, LEGOs have been in use since several generations and you are perhaps those who still play with it today. We share with you 15 unusual information about this famous Danish brand! 1. In 2012, the company produced 45 billion [...]

Top 14 Mindblowing Wooden Buildings in US-12

Traditionally wood has been used to make elegant buildings. As of now, most of the buildings are made in wood, cement and concrete. Still, there are buildings made entirely in wood. They serve as a token of admiration for the [...]

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