military robots

This Tiny Robot Will Amaze You By Its Robustness And Fast Action-

We predict that this unique Micro-UAV by CyPhy Works will soon be famous. Its performances is just amazing when compared to its tiny size. The American manufacturer hopes that it will be used by the special forces units in their [...]

ATLAS: The MIT's Humanoid Robot Can Carry A Heavy Beam-1

The MIT's humanoid robot ATLAS is making considerable progress. This impressive biped is able to take up a metal beam and carry it. The site Gizmodo has given it the title "Humanoid robot ATLAS advances and reaches the level of a lazy teenager". Apart [...]

Canadian Military To Buy 20 Reconnaissance PackBots 510 From iRobots-1

The Canadian military will spend $9.6 million for the purchase of 20 deminers robots from the American iRobot. They will be delivered by April 2015. iRobot Corporation has won a new tender, this time from Canadian military, to provide 20 reconnaissance robots of [...]

Micro Tactical Ground Robots Of Israeli Army Explore Tunnels In Gaza-3

The Israeli army is using crawler robots for the exploration of the maze of underground tunnels used by Hamas. By using robots, Israelis reduce the risk of casualties. One objective of the Israeli Army is to destroy all these tunnels built by [...]

LS3: The Google's Mule Robot Field Tested In RIMPAC 2014 By US Marines-

LS3 is the mule robot developed by DARPA which was later acquired by Google. We had not seen any new performance of the robot since 2013. However, during RIMPAC, the quadruped robot was first tested in real conditions by US Military. [...]

BigDog: The Google's Mule Robot Takes Its First Steps-

No doubt robots have undergone phenomenal development in the past few years. Some people are even skeptic that robots may enslave human beings one day. The latest news in the robotics is the Google's interest in using its robot to [...]

Duke: A Robotic Weapon Firing System For Helicopters-3

First of its kind, a 100% robotic and remote weapon firing system for helicopters was unveiled at Eurosatory defense show in Paris. Duke Airborne Systems has developed a compact robotic weapon system designed for the helicopters. Israeli manufacturer claims that its system can [...]


The American company Boston Dynamics has been building the PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for last many years. Previously, we have been seeing the videos of  headless PETMAN Robot trying to imitate [...]

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