Revolutionary Headset By Microsoft Will Replace White Cane For Blind-1

Microsoft has developed an ingenious headset/headphone that enables the blind to move independently. This headset guides the users using spatial sounds, that reach the inner ear by osteophony or bone conduction. Connected to a smartphone which itself communicates with a network [...]

Augmented Reality Transforms A Sandbox Into Landscapes of Rivers And Volcanic Eruptions (Video)-5

Augmented reality never ceases to impress us. Today, it has been used to transform a sandbox into the flowing rivers and eruption of volcanoes ! This very original experience has been achieved using a 3D Kinect camera, a computer, a simulation software [...]

There is a saying that a picture  is worth more than a thousand words. With the advent of the cameras it was possible take photos. This enabled the documentation of history not only in the form of written words but [...]

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