A French Artist Gives New Life To Industrial Parts As Robots-4

Robots have always fascinated children and adults. A French artist pays tribute to the robots in the most beautiful way in making beautiful robotic sculptures from recycled industrial parts. Long live the robots! Brauer is a French designer who for the last [...]

Company BlueOak Turns Your Electronic Waste Into solid gold-

While used electronic materials are being crammed into more and more landfills around the world, a company had the unique idea of ​extracting precious metals from this waste. Indeed, a lucrative and environmental friendly initiative. Approximately 50 million tons of [...]

ununseptium: Scientists Confirm Existence Of A New Element In Periodic Table-

A team of researchers has confirmed the existence of an entirely new chemical element: ununseptium! It has the distinction of having been totally manufactured by humans. We explain in detail this major scientific breakthrough. The new element has been temporarily give the [...]

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