A Trendy Submarine Designed By A Former Enemy Of James Bond-

With this futuristic submarine, the sea exploration takes another dimension. Designed by Graham Hawkes, the villain who chases James Bond in the film "For Your Eyes Only", this underwater trendy boat and allows you to navigate the bottom of the ocean [...]

Overpriced And Useless Gadgets For The Filthy Rich-2

You have too much money and do not know what to do with it? This is a problem that many of us would like to have ... But maybe if you are interested in luxury and completely useless things then we [...]

14 Majestic Bathrooms From Around The World -2

The concept of bathroom originated in nineteenth century with the onset of warmer waters. Since, then it has become a real source of inspiration for art. Discover a compilation of 14 majestic bathrooms that will blow your eyes! A rich and [...]

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