12 Most Beautiful Designs For The Planned Pedestrian Bridge In London-4

Many are fascinated by the city of London and its famous bridges like Tower Bridge and London Bridge etc. Tower Bridge has indeed gained an iconic value for the city. Well, now city of London is holding a competition for [...]

Visit The New Sparkling Coca-Cola Offices In London-

Coca-Cola launches its new office in London and its design pays tribute to the Coca-Cola Culture! We present to you its new London premises that do not lack originality. Discover them without delay :) Designed by architects at Morey Smith, the new Coca-Cola office in [...]

Incredible Bus Stop Shelters Uses Augmented Reality To Stun The Passengers (Video)-3

The Pepsi Max had this unique idea to propose a new and unusual augmented reality experience to passengers at a bus stop in New Oxford Street. New Oxford Street is a major and famous road in West London. Check out the [...]

London-Smart Pedestrian Crossing System Trials To Begin Soon-

Starting this summer, the City of London will do the trials for a new system of pedestrian crossings that will use smart cameras to determine as to how many people are waiting at the road crossing. The system will then [...]

An Artist Along With Two Robots Simultaneously Draw The Same Picture Hundreds Of Miles Apart-6

In recent years, we have seen more and more artists use modern technology to express their artworks. One of the latest such examples is Alex Kiessling, who has combined his art with robotics to give us as an incredible technical performance. [...]

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