Stunning Aerial Photographs Taken By Drones Offer A Unique Perspective-7

Today we offer you to fly over the world through a sumptuous series of aerial photographs. All these scenes have been immortalized by the drones in the most beautiful way. Discover without delay. 1. An eagle flies over the Bali Barat [...]


You find your phone battery does not charge fast enough? Your troubles may soon be over. Researchers have developed a new battery which can be recharged from 0 to 70% in just two minutes! We introduce this battery of future that smartphone [...]

20 Day Stranger: Immerse Yourself In Life Of A Stranger For 20 Days-2

For the last many years, social networks have allowed us to interact with lots of people. But imagine this exchange goes a step further. A mobile application allows you to share the life with a stranger at the other end [...]

How Daily Simple Tasks Become Difficult For The Astronauts On Space Stations-1

While staying in the space the living experiences of the astronauts are no doubt extraordinary. Every activity that looks banal in everyday becomes an extraordinary event in space. Discover how these people manage everyday task once out of the Earth. 1. [...]

Life is Beautiful: A Tragi-Comedy About A Solitary Man Not Finding His Place In Society-5

Ben, a young art enthusiast, has made a 3D animation video in which he invites us to follow the life of Anton: a little man who could not find his place in society. Check out this short film that deals with [...]

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