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Sylvain redraws your childhood super heroes to reveal their dark side-3

Whenever we think of the super heroes of our childhood, we think them of being loving and caring with a rather cute appearance. However, an artist has tried to through a new light on the life of these heroes by bringing to light [...]

Gaikuo-Captain-An Artist Gives Life To His Drawings In A Unique Way -10

Gaikuo-Captain is not only a Chinese student but also a drawing artist. A lover of the comic books, he has realized giant drawings with whom he confronts physically. He has made the drawing if the famous heroes like Batman, Hulk, Omega one [...]

Geek Culture Original Flashy Superheroes Portraits 1

Few days back we had written an article on Superhero Comics Showcased In Beautiful Black And White Portraits. In today's article, we hope that these interesting illustrations of Luigi, Mario or Daft Punk will be well liked by everyone! Infact, [...]

Super Heroes Black And White Portraits 13

Recently, we had written and article about Your Favorite Super Heroes Turned Into Dangerous Zombies by a virus infection. An American comics artist pays tribute to his favorite by drawing beautiful black and white portraits of them. We invite you to [...]

Super Heroes Turned Into Zombies 10

Earlier, we had written articles on "How Would Our Super Heroes Look Like In Their Old Age" and "Your Favorite Superheroes As Heavily Armed Robots". Have you ever wondered what would happen to your favourite characters if some dangerous virus turned [...]


 For the time being, our super heroes are doing quite well.  Their cartoon films tell us an extraordinary stories of super human feats. But have you ever guessed what will become of them as they grow old? The artist Donald Soffritti has tried [...]

Your Superheros Transformed To Robots 5

Superheroes are a source of inspiration for many people. The proof is that this artist has re-imagined our favorite superhero as robots. Spider-Man or Doctor Doom, they are all here! The illustrator by the name of ChasingArtwork  imagined what would be our superheroes like [...]

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