Scientists Discover A Laser Based Regenerating Treatment For Teeth-

Researchers have made a stunning discovery: pointing a laser on a damaged tooth is able to initiate a self-healing phenomenon to restore the health of the tooth. A promising innovation that could revolutionize dentistry by reducing costs and inconvenience of [...]

Missing Your Cat: Kittyo Lets You Play With Your Cat Using Remote Control-2

Do you miss your cat when you leave home alone? A lover of cats has developed a very entertaining device that lets you play with your cat, no matter wherever you are. We explain everything about this revolutionary concept called Kittyo. Lee [...]

This Concept Car Is Capable Of Running A Century Without A Refill-3

This revolutionary car will help you economize fuel! This concept car is indeed capable of running 100 years without a refuel or electrical recharge. Its engine will be powered by thorium mineral which is capable of producing a considerable amount of energy. [...]

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