Vela One: World's Fastest And Cost Effective Flash For Slow Motion Photography-

Slow motion photography usually requires a lot of technical and expensive equipment. That said, a British start-up has risen to the challenge of designing a cost effective and ultra fast flash to easily photograph moving objects. With Vela One, you can now [...]

BeOn: This Innovative Bulb Is An Ultimate Home Security Solution-

BeOn is an innovative bulb that can help house owners avoid thefts. The bulb is intelligent enough to learn the lighting habits of the house owner. So, when the user is away for work or holidays, it can repeat the [...]

A Dirt-Cheap Exoskeleton For Augumented Reality And Robotic Control-2

A chinese start-up has brought to the market this revolutionary hand exoskeleton at an unbeatable price. Dexta Robotics has launched a campaign on the Kickstarter to collect funds for its product. Last year, Dexta Robotics announced plans to develop a device [...]

Hexo+: A Drone That Can Follow And Film You Using GoPro Camera-4

A French company has designed an autonomous unmanned drone that is capable of tracking and filming the moving objects. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding that has generated lots of craze among the extreme sports lovers. Hexo + is [...]

Missing Your Cat: Kittyo Lets You Play With Your Cat Using Remote Control-2

Do you miss your cat when you leave home alone? A lover of cats has developed a very entertaining device that lets you play with your cat, no matter wherever you are. We explain everything about this revolutionary concept called Kittyo. Lee [...]

AGIC-Soon Japanese Technology Will Enable You To Print A Computer On A4 Paper-4

A team of Japanese researchers has developed an ink cartridge with ink having silver particles. Adapted to the conventional printers, it is able to produce electronic circuits using high quality prints on the paper. We tell you all about this amazing [...]

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