A Humanoid Robot That Can Control A Flight Simulator Plane-

We have seen a humanoid robot that drives a car. However, we had never heard of a humanoid robot that flies a plane! Yet a team of South Korean has done this. The humanoid robot is considered as one of the most complicated to make. [...]

TransWall: A Transparent Double-Sided Interactive Touch Screen-1

Transwall, a totally transparent touchscreen allows two people on the opposite side to interact with each other by touching the screen, which in turn produces audio and haptic effect. This system could offer many fun and educational applications, used in museums [...]

Soon Movements Of Muscles Will Power Heart Pacemakers-

Indeed it is a great step forward for science: South Korean researchers have developed a nanogenerator for powering pacemakers simply by the movement of your muscles. We tells you more about this innovation that could revolutionize the lives of people [...]

Body Heat charger

The world of science is full of surprises. Every now and then, we see new inventions and their amazing application. Few years back it would have been a mere fantasy that human being will be charging their mobiles with their [...]

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