Police Uses Rifles And Tasers To Approach A Man With iPhone Gun case-

It may look cool to have an iPhone case shaped as a gun but perhaps its not a very good idea as far as the police is concerned. Few days back, a man was roaming on a public beach in Winnipeg, Canada [...]

Make Amazing Holograms In Just Ten Minutes Using iPad-1

We got the intuition of this project from the video below which gives a new lift to Goku, the hero of Dragon Ball Z series. It was enough to arouse our enthusiasm and we hastened to pass this crucial information to [...]

Prynt An Iphone and Android Case with built-in portable printer-1

Inspired by the old Polaroid technology, Prynt is a case for smartphone with a built in printer that can print the captured photos in 30 seconds. Launched on the crowdfunding platform KickStarter, the project achieved its objective in only thirty minutes. [...]

Using iPhone François Merges Fiction With Reality To Create Funny Picture Associations-4

François is a young French film enthusiast who pays tribute to his favorite funny and original scenes from cult movies. Using a smartphone, he superimposes the iconic moments from the large and small screen with the actual environment that surrounds it. Discover [...]

With RomoCart, Turn Your Room Into An Augumented reality Video Game-1

What if your room was transformed into a real race track? RomoCart proposes to convert your iPhone into a small robot on wheels, to challenge your roommates in a game that is reminiscent of  Mario Kart. Using projectors you can dynamically generate [...]

resolution-correcting screen

Scientists have developed an algorithm that adjusts the screen resolution automatically for visually impaired people. The algorithm can be used the people with far and short sightedness to use smartphones and tablets without glasses. We tell you more about this innovation. [...]

iPhone Application To Effectively Control Sugar Levels In Diabetic-

Researchers have developed a great tool that will be of great service to individuals with diabetes. Called "bionic pancreas" it allows patients to monitor their blood sugar better than ever. We present this device that proves that technology can be also [...]

Starbucks Installing Wireless Charging Pads Across Its Outlets-

In near future, starbucks will equip its worldwide outlets with 100,000 wireless charging pads. The iPhone users form the majority of starbucks clients and can benefit from this facility. Duracell Powermat and Starbucks have announced in June 12, 2014 that they have begun [...]

MicrobeScope Turns Your iPhone Into A Microscope-1

If you are a biology student or an amateur scientist or a biology passionate, you would often require using microscope in the lab. Well, you can now have your own microscope by turning your iPhone into one for $115 only. [...]

Inside: A Smartphone App That Uses Built-in Sensors For In-building Navigation-1

Navigation inside the buildings like big shopping malls is difficult as you do not have the access to GPS signals. Solving this problem is an active area of research.  For example, one of the possible solution can be to track [...]

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