Future Smartphone Screens Will Be Inspired By Vegetable Leaves And Cobwebs-

Nature has often inspired the creations of man. Today these are spiders and their webs that have particularly stirred the curiosity of a team of researchers. These physicists are expecting to improve the smartphone screens or renewable energy devices using resistance and [...]

Reasons Why One Should Take Risks In Life-5

Taking risk is a difficult thing, but they can also lead to improving one's job prospects. Furthermore, if these risks are taken after a thorough analysis of risks and rewards, they can make your professional life more interesting! We give [...]

Fascinating Video Reveals Tattoo Making Close-up-

Tattooing is an often a misunderstood art. A Parisian tattooist has made a slow motion film of the tattoo making process to make us understand the minute details of this art. We make you discover this mesmerizing video. This video has [...]

A Fan Of Star Trek Spends $30,000 Transform Her Apartment Into A Star Trek Ship-3

For more than five decades, the Star Trek has been generating the wildest and most fanatic passions among the follower of this series. A fan of the series decided to completely redecorate her apartment in the colors of Star Trek. [...]

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