A Crazy Fan Of X-Men Invents A Portable Flamethrower To Mimic Pyro-1

If you ever dreamt of shooting the flames from your hands one day, this video may interest you a lot ;) Known for his crazy inventions, British inventor has made a portable flamethrower to mimic the powers of Pyro, the character [...]

Scientists Finally Discover Why Batteries Deteriorate With Time-

The more you charge and discharge the battery of an electronic device, the more it deteriorates. Everyone, knows this fact, however the explanation of this degradation has long remained a mystery. This is no longer the case now, as two joint [...]

Researchers Develop A Highly Flexible Material That Can Wrap Around Veins-4

U.S. researchers have just made a huge step forward in the technology of medical implants. They have designed a flexible printed circuit so microscopic that it can be wrapped around blood vessels in the human body! We explain to you this [...]

Valour: World's First Connected Bike To Warn You Of Dangers Of Road-6

Connected gadgets continue to grow: after bracelets and shoes, here comes the first fully connected ultralight bike! With it, you will never get lost during a walk in the woods or in the city. A beautiful innovation that we make you [...]

ununseptium: Scientists Confirm Existence Of A New Element In Periodic Table-

A team of researchers has confirmed the existence of an entirely new chemical element: ununseptium! It has the distinction of having been totally manufactured by humans. We explain in detail this major scientific breakthrough. The new element has been temporarily give the [...]

Researchers Discover AIDS Blocking Protein In Australian coral-

Researchers say they have discovered an anti-HIV protein that blocks the virus infection. The particularity of this protein is that it is found in some corals of Australia. We explain the details. Researchers from the National Cancer Institute say they have discovered a [...]

Scientists Have Succeeded In Creating Sperm From Human Skin-1

New hope for infertile men. Researchers have managed to create a fertile sperm using human skin cells! We tell you about this incredible scientific breakthrough. In 2012, a team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, discovered that it [...]

Researchers Produce Fuel From Seawater To Fly A Remote-Controlled Aeroplane-3

Turn water into fuel for engines? This idea seems to be impossible but it is precisely what a team of American scientists have managed to achieve. Using a very common chemical process, they were able to transform seawater into jet fuel [...]

Thanks To Oculus Rift: A Dying Grandmother Can Explore Outside world-

An American grandmother suffering from a terrible terminal cancer had only one dream: to see outside her home one last time before leaving this world. The wish came true thanks to Oculus Rift augmented reality technology and the perseverance of her granddaughter. We tell you [...]

Forget plastic bottles, You Can Now Drink Water In A Blob-1

In our daily life we see the plastic everywhere and it is polluting our planet. To curb this problem, a team of designers has developed a new way to drink the water. Instead of using the plastic bottle, replace it [...]

DIRISOLAR: A Futuristic Solar Powered Airship For The Family-2

A French company has embarked on a crazy adventure: they acclaim to reinvent the airships using an innovative shape and only using solar energy to power it! We make you discover this futuristic green concept! For years,  Philippe Tixier has been passionate about [...]

Thanks To A Revolutionary Implant Paralyzed Find Partial Use Of Their Limbs-2

Losing the use of one's legs is a tragic event. Fortunately, scientists have been searching for an effective way to restore mobility to people with paralysis. They could well be on the right track: the patients have regained the use of [...]

Thanks To Satellite Imagery, Archaeology Enters A New Golden Age-

With the evolution of modern technologies like satellites etc.., Archaeology is no longer limited to the long and laborious  ground searches in the mud. Archaeologists can now discover new archaeological remains through satellite photographs. We explains everything to you. In [...]

Scientists Invent A Revolutionary Biopen To Easily Repair Bone Fractures-

Australian scientists have succeeded in inventing a pen that can easily repair bone fractures by injecting a gel composed of plant stem cells into them. We reveal this incredible innovation! Recently, Australian scientists have announced the development of a pen named [...]

Police Investigators Will Now Use 3D scanner To Document The Crime Scene-6

American and French police will now use 3D scanners to archive crime scenes and better analyze it afterwards. The technology we see in the police films, will soon be a reality! Some units of U.S. and French Police have started using [...]

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