Scrubba: A Portable Washing Machine For Backpackers-4

Backpackers and Travelers, who travel a lot, often have to make some tough decisions as they often have limited luggage carrying capacity. That is why, during the travel they often have to laundry a lot because of the limited number [...]

A Low-Cost And Solar Powerd Cuff-Thermometer Designed By Japanese Engineers-1

A team of Tokyo University researchers have recently presented a flexible cuff-thermometer. Self-powered by a solar panel, it sounds an alarm when the patient"s temperature becomes too high. Made from organic components using an inkjet printer, this cheap and disposable product is [...]

Brand Killer: This Revolutionary Headset Blocks Intrusive Ads-4

On the television, on the Internet or on the streets, advertisements have invaded our daily lives. Solution? Four young friends had this original idea to create  a helmet that in real time bocks different advertisements! Check out this ingenious prototype that [...]

CES 2015: Intel Unveils Curie, A Computer No Bigger Than A Button-

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel stunned the participants by unveiling a prototype of a computer no larger than a button. Named as Curie, this high-tech object comprises a Quark SE microcontroller, flash memory, Bluetooth and various motion sensors. It can [...]

Discover Kubb: A Compact And Energy Efficient Aesthetic Computer-

A French team has just designed Kubb: a powerful computer that is more efficient and consumes very little energy! A sublime and perfect cube of 12 cm: this is what will look like your computer in no time.  We tell you more [...]

Carefree Traveling Through This Ingenious But Simple Security System-3

A team of American researchers has developed a new revolutionary security system. No need to search you at the airport, you can pass the security in seconds! Thanks to the highly sensitive touch sensors, the machine detects the dangerous objects in [...]

Disney Develops A High Precision Scan To Capture Human Eye For 3D Animations-1

In its Zurich, Switzerland center, Disney Research has developed a digital capture system capable of faithfully reproducing the shape and texture of a human eye and its reaction to light. This technique will help to significantly improve the realism of synthetic [...]

Google To Fight Against Parkinson Disease With This Innovative Spoon-

After the acquisition of North American company Lift Labs, Google has now begun marketing of an electronic spoon that will help people with tremor or Parkinson's disease. Equipped with sensors and control algorithms, it detects the level of tremor and [...]

Industrial Robot

Indeed, the scientific advances we are seeing today are unprecedented in the human history. However, not all these technologies will be implemented in everyday life. To make the life easier for us, the Mckinsey Global Institute in one of its [...]

Sprout: A High-End PC Without A Keyboard Or Mouse From HP-

HP has unveiled a new kind of unique computer named as Sprout. This PC is without a keyboard or a mouse. However, this PC integrates a projection system and a 3D scanner, which could be used in many different applications!!! To those [...]

Thick Fog Used To Create Hologram of Leia From Star Wars-2

Technological advances are bringing us more and more closer to science fiction with each passing day. After the famous hologram of Leia in Star Wars, here is its real counterpart created with steam. We explain to you this amazing and [...]

DJI phantom goes fishing-

We already knew about the types of fishing using spear or fishing net or using the dynamite etc. But fishing using drone is the very first of its kind. Check out this new technique in this unusual video. When the team amateur [...]

Scientists Successfully Land A UAV On A Moving Vehicle-

A team of robotic experts from University of Waterloo has developed a system that allows a UAV to land on an autonomous land vehicle in motion. This technology could have military applications, but not only... Operating a drone from an autonomous [...]

Dreampad: Fall Asleep Listening To Your Favorite Music And Without Disturbing Your Partner-

It's nice to fall asleep while listening to your favourite music, but in doing so you run the risk of disturbing your partner. Fortunately, Dreampad is there to help you out. It is a pillow that plays music without disturbing [...]

MIT Students Invent A Special 3D printer To Print Ice Cream-

There are now a lot of different types of 3D printers available. Some are classical that allow you to print small 3D objects like a traditional printer. Then, there are the others, those which are a bit special and are dedicated to a [...]

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