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Amazing Photographic Illusions That Play With Perspective 42

We often use the term the eye of the photographer without even really understanding what it means. In some of our earlier articles we presented 14 Mind-blowing Black And White photographic illusions,  20 photographic illusions you need to see carefully to understand, [...]

Portraits Of Famous People Everyday Objects

Bernard Pras is a French artist. After more than 20 years of painting, he has started working on a new form of art known as "Anamorphic Illusion". He makes beautiful portraits of famous people using everyday objects. This artist uses a technique [...]

This man does not has dog head.

Discover the 25 amazing photographic illusions. To achieve such photos, you either need to have a vivid imagination, or you have to take the shot at the right place and especially at the right time. In all cases, you will be amazed [...]

Animal face over a man  body.

Sometime things in reality are not the same as we perceive them. Photographic illusion is the coincidence between the time when photograher captures the photo and the timing of the scene. Hence, we get a different and strange perception of [...]

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