Amazing!!! Engineers Achieve Invisibilty Just Using 4 Lenses-2

The concept of invisibility has always inspired fiction stories and movies. Two researchers from the University of Rochester have developed a system that uses only four lenses to hide an object. Their system uses cheap, readily available and off the shelf [...]

World's First Virtual Touch Technology Lets You Maniplulate Virtual Objects-1

The Virtual Reality techniques have undergone an incredible evolution. Yet the sense of touch has not yet been exploited. But now, the Japanese researchers have found a way to convey the feeling of touch to the brain through images and [...]

Discover How Our Streets Would Look Like With Buildings Only Having Facades-1

Zachary is a young photographer who is passionate about building facades. In this series of photographs, he imagines a world where building fronts are separated from the rest of the buildings and stand alone in the street. See these pictures full [...]

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