After some unpleasant falls in the recent "Robo Olympics" Google's Atlas has rebounded. In one of recent videos, we can see the 6ft 2in robot walk through the forest keeping its balance despite the challenging terrain. We can also see [...]

v-John: A Unique Robot To Interact With Humans Using Emotions-2

In the recent years, robotics engineering has been undergoing an unprecedented boom as more and more humanoids are emerging. Despite all these developments, the robots lack the ability to communicate using facial expressions and emotions. Having said that, thanks to [...]

It May Be Possible To Fall In Love A Marry A Robot By 2050-

Falling in love with a robot may seem to be a completely implausible idea? Yet, the scientists explain that with the recent advances in the robotics and artificial intelligence it may be possible to marry one of them by 2050! [...]

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