Ethical Robots That Can Make Decisions And Save Other Robots-1

Robotics is a highly innovative field that is progressing at a breakneck speed. Researchers have now developed a robot with the most cherished attribute of kindness. The result of the experiments is simply impressive. We explain to you everything about [...]

Google Predicts That In 2029 Robots Will Be Equal To Humans-

Ray Kurzweil, the Director of the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Google, gives us his vision about robotics in 2029. According to him, at that time the robots will be able to interact with humans just like humans. Perhaps a sobering [...]

17 Hilarious Animals Making Fun Like Humans-

They are hairy and they walk on four legs, Yet they are already there to challenge you in the street and to ask you something. We share with you 17 animals that are firmly convinced of being human. Discover without [...]

Abandoned churches around the world-4

Man has built many incredible monuments over the centuries but it has also abandoned thousands of places that are full of mysteries. However, the nature always tries to eventually re-assert itself over these abandoned places. We make you discover these 24 abandoned churches [...]

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