Sharifi-Ha House, Tehran, Iran, The Rooms Of This Amazing House Can Be Rotated By 90 Degrees-5

Some architects do not hesitate come up with creative designs to make their buildings as useful as possible. This is particularly the case with this 3 story modular home: every part of this beautiful home has the ability to rotate [...]

Recycle Plastic Garbage At Your Home Into Everyday Useful Objects-12

If you spend too much time every weekend, emptying your trash bin, a Dutch designer has a solution for you. He has set up a revolutionary project that will allow you to recycle your own plastic waste and turn it into [...]

Missing Your Cat: Kittyo Lets You Play With Your Cat Using Remote Control-2

Do you miss your cat when you leave home alone? A lover of cats has developed a very entertaining device that lets you play with your cat, no matter wherever you are. We explain everything about this revolutionary concept called Kittyo. Lee [...]

Furniture Designs To Make Your Apartment An Animal paradise-32

Our pets are very important to most of us as we get emotionally attached to them over time. Therefore, many of us would like that the our homes are not only comfortable places for us but also for our little [...]

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