High Tech

An Amazing High-Tech Cave Built By A Kiwi Engineer In Midst Of A Forest -

Indeed, when we think about caves the first thought that comes into our mind is about the people who used to live there at the beginning of humanity, devoid of any modern gadgets or tools. However, this time a graphic [...]

Top 10 High-Tech Connected Gadget Gifts For Christmas-8

With the arrival of christmas, Christmas trees and decorations are in place. Its time to remember the loved ones and present them with a gifts as a token of your love. And why not this year present high-tech products as [...]

Bionic Drummer Arm: A story that could be related with Def Leppard-1

Richard John Cyril; from English Rock Band Def Leppard, is a prominent Public figure who continued playing Drums after his complete limb amputation by the cause of tragic street-racing accident. A similar story happened in 2012 when a guy named [...]

Nanogenerator Made Of Spongy Material Can Now Use Car Vibrations For Mobile Charging-

Forget all those wires and the charging pads to charge your mobile phones, while you are in a car journey. The mobiles can now be easily  recharged by just using the car vibrations. This has been made possible due to [...]

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