This Tiny Robot Will Amaze You By Its Robustness And Fast Action-

We predict that this unique Micro-UAV by CyPhy Works will soon be famous. Its performances is just amazing when compared to its tiny size. The American manufacturer hopes that it will be used by the special forces units in their [...]

Hexo+: A Drone That Can Follow And Film You Using GoPro Camera-4

A French company has designed an autonomous unmanned drone that is capable of tracking and filming the moving objects. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding that has generated lots of craze among the extreme sports lovers. Hexo + is [...]


Drones are the most effective and powerful tools in the technology of warfare. They are extensively being used across the globe. A lot of research is being made in this regard. Besides their effectiveness in war, they are also being [...]

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