A Giant Step For Artificial Organs: Blood Vessels Synthesized By 3D Printing-

Since its invention, 3D printing continues to push the boundaries of technology. Moreover, researchers have managed the feat of creating fully functional synthetic blood vessels. We explain to you this significant scientific achievement. Until now, the major problem encountered during 3D [...]

Stunning Video Showing step by step Heart Transplantation Procedure-

Heart transplant is considered to be one of the most complicated surgeries. It involves cutting a sick heart, removing it from the body of the patient and replacing it with a healthy heart from someone else. With the help of [...]

Enjoy Magical Walk On The Floor Of Sacre-Coeur Casablanca Illuminated By Thousands Of Colors-4

Have you ever wanted wanted to walk on an illuminated and moving floor? Visitors to a church in Casablanca had the same feeling while walking on a beautiful colorful flowerbed inspired by traditional Islamic art. We take you through this fantastic and [...]

This Membrane Can Make Human Heart Beat Outside Of body-1

Scientists have developed a revolutionary membrane that can enable the heart to beat outside the body. This new and very convenient to use membrane will be big leap forward in scientific development. We explain to you the operation of this membrane. [...]

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