Fight Against Insomnia-Ninetendo S+ Helps You Get Enough Relaxing Sleep-

A good and refreshing sleep is not only important for a good health in long run, but also for our daily routine. In order to help the people with insomnia, Nintendo has designed S+, a device for analyzing and optimizing [...]

Bioartificial Pancreas Will Revolutionize The Daily Life Of Diabetics-1

Researchers have developed a new technology that will change the lives of diabetics. They have developed a bio-artificial pancreas that can be implanted into the body of a diabetic. This will replace daily insulin injections into the blood. We tell [...]

Researchers Develop A Biorobot Powered By An artificial Muscle-2

Researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a biological microrobot, which moves when its muscle are actuated by the electrical impulses. It can be used in many biomedical engineering applications. Professor Rashid Bashir leads a biorobotic research team at Libnah laboratory [...]

Scientists Have Succeeded In Creating Sperm From Human Skin-1

New hope for infertile men. Researchers have managed to create a fertile sperm using human skin cells! We tell you about this incredible scientific breakthrough. In 2012, a team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, discovered that it [...]

Thanks To A Revolutionary Implant Paralyzed Find Partial Use Of Their Limbs-2

Losing the use of one's legs is a tragic event. Fortunately, scientists have been searching for an effective way to restore mobility to people with paralysis. They could well be on the right track: the patients have regained the use of [...]

TellSpec Scans Your Food To Detect Harmful Chemicals For Your health-3

Two researchers have developed a handheld food scanner, named as TellSpec. It can get connected to your smartphone and help you detect all allergens, chemicals, nutrients and other calories present in your food. We present to you this little revolutionary gadget! Isabel [...]

Scandou Scout: Handheld Scanner Analyzes And Communicates Real Time Vital Data-1

Scanadu Scout is a medical diagnostic tool connected to your smartphone and measures in real time your temperature, heart rate and other vital data. We tell you about this revolutionary scanner developed by a Belgian inventor. Scandu Scout is developed [...]


Most of us would have experienced that sometimes it is difficult to remember the names of people that we know. According to the University of Sussex, this happens because the brain is trying to avoid being overloaded with information."Scientists have long [...]

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