Soft Exosuit: DARPA To Develop A Light Weight Fabric Exoskeleton-1

The United States Agency for defence research projects, DARPA, has awarded a grant of $ 2.9 million to the Wyss Institute at Harvard for the development of a fabric exoskeleton. The Wyss Institute, specializing in Bio-inspired Engineering at Harvard University, has [...]

Researchers Harvard And MIT Develop World's First Origami Inspired Robots-

Researchers at Harvard University and MIT have developed a an origami inspired technique that enables robots to independently change their shape from flat to an articulated structure. Composed of copper layers, paper and shape memory polymer, this robot can be manufactured [...]

A Giant Step For Artificial Organs: Blood Vessels Synthesized By 3D Printing-

Since its invention, 3D printing continues to push the boundaries of technology. Moreover, researchers have managed the feat of creating fully functional synthetic blood vessels. We explain to you this significant scientific achievement. Until now, the major problem encountered during 3D [...]

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