Amazing Virtual Reality Technology Helps Disabled Play Piano-

Japanese researchers have developed an amazing system for the disabled. Thanks to virtual reality glasses and a computer program, people unable to use their hands can now play the piano... with their eyes! We explains all about "Eye Play the Piano", [...]

Revolutionary Prosthesic Arm Gives Sensation Of Touch To Amputees-2

Advances in science and technology never cease to impress us and improve our daily lives. Now in another revolutionary development, the researchers have developed a robotic prosthetic arm for amputees which is able to reproduce the sensation of touch. We [...]

Custom Leg Prosthesis Designs For The Fashionable Amputees-12

Some people, despite of their disabilities, do not consider themselves handicapped, and want to live and enjoy the life to its fullest. We present to you some of the customized and fashionable leg prostheses designs for such people.  Bespoke Innovations was [...]

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