Incredible- A Hacker Clones Fingerprints From Digital Photos-

At the occasion of the Chaos Communication Congress, a hacker has demonstrated a technique to clone fingerprints from simple digital photos of an individual's fingers. Politicians and other prominent personalities will now have to keep their hands in their pockets when [...]

Google Glass-

Video analysis softwares and apps can now be used to reveal PIN numbers from videos captured as far as 10 meters. This technique can be applied on videos captured using webcam, Google Glass, Samsung smartwatch and even iPhone 5.   [...]

Snoopy drone

Drones are already under high criticism from masses due to their military use. Now, recently a news on CNN has once again started a new debate about drone applications and their impact on common people. Recently, researchers in London have [...]

American Students Hack Computers Of Their Teachers to Change Their Marks-3

When you were a student, may be you had dreamed of being able to modify the results of an exam that you failed. Well, some American students were able to achieve this. In a school in California, several students were [...]

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