BitDefender Shows Smart Watches Can Be Hacked Within A Second-

The security solutions provider BitDefender has shown that it is easy for a hacker to intercept the data exchanges between a smartphone and smartwatch with which it is connected. The weak link is the six-digit supposed to secure Bluetooth pairing between [...]

Top 5 Famous Hackers-1

If hackers are primarily seen by governments as criminals, they are true geniuses who demonstrate their prowess about computer systems. We present to you the list of 5 biggest hackers of all time.  Robert Tappan Morris Robert Tappan Morris is an [...]

Electric Car Manufacturer Tesla Hires Hackers To Secure Its Future Cars-

Aware of the risks of piracy that could hurt its reputation, as well as risk the lives of its customers, the electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors is trying to take help from hackers. This will be an elite team of thirty people [...]

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