green ideas


Urbanization has caused the abatement of many trees. Fortunately, some architects have taken the decision to include nature in their creations. They thus offer original buildings where they properly accommodate the nature in their designs as well. We present to you a [...]

Now 3D Printing Can Be Used To Print Future Home Gardens-4

3D printing is now increasingly used to create new and innovative projects. Very recently, we had written an article about how a house with 3D printed components was assembled in just 3 hours. This time researchers and students are making [...]

This Ecocapsule Lets You Live Anywhere On Earth Without Electricity-

If you are a big fan of green ideas and also like to camp in the nature, then this "Ecocapsule" is certainly for you. Designed by a Slovakian firm 'Nice Architects', this camping capsule already appears to come from the [...]

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