green energy

A French Town Meets All Its Electricty Requirements From Its Wastes-1

For the first time in history of France, a biogas power plant that exclusively uses non-recyclable waste, has been used to provide electricity to the town. The French town in question will be soon be supplied with all its electricity [...]

Engineers Develop Self-cooling Solar Panels For Future Renewable Energy Needs-2

More efficient solar panels that last longer may soon be a reality. Researchers at the Stanford University are developing a technique to improve the process. Their discovery could be a big step forward for the promotion of renewable and green energy. Check [...]

Bosco Verticale: The World's First Artificially Grown Residential Forests

This is the world's first urban reforestation project. Twin residential towers of 27 floors are being constructed in Milan. The towers will be covered with some 730 trees and 11000 plants, grown artificially. The building will be autonomous in its energy [...]

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