Google Maps

These Pins Give New Life To Google Maps In Real Life-

The German artist Aram Bartholl has decided to give a new life to the pins used in Google Maps to show the location of a place. They have been materialized into a monumental piece of art. You can not escape [...]

SmartyPins Lets You Test Your Knowledge Of Geography And Culture Using Google Maps-

If you are a lover of Geography and often like to play games for testing your knowledge about Geography then Google's SmartyPins game is perfect for you. The game has been designed using the platform of Google Maps. You have a [...]

Google Faces identifies human faces on Google Maps.

Sometimes, when we are looking at the sky full of clouds, we often find the forms of human faces on it. Perhaps, some near and dear one that we are missing. Some people says that they have found satanic face [...]

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