Google Glass

SmartEyeglass Attach: Sony's Kit To Convert Any Glasses Into Smartglasses-1

Sony, the Japanese manufacturer, has just introduced a device for converting any pair of standard glasses into smartglasses. This is a kit comprising of an electronic module and a 0.23 inch OLED screen that can be set on the spectacles to [...]

Would This Amazing Google Glass App Help Hearing Impaired?-

Captioning on Glass is an innovative app created by the scientists at the Google Glass. Its speciality is that it can display in real time the subtitles of what other person in front of you is saying. This innovation can be [...]

Google Glass MindRDR App

A remarkable app has been developed that allows you to take pictures by just thinking about it and concentrating on the target object. In addition to that, using your mind power you can also share those photos on the Facebook and [...]

Google Glass-

Video analysis softwares and apps can now be used to reveal PIN numbers from videos captured as far as 10 meters. This technique can be applied on videos captured using webcam, Google Glass, Samsung smartwatch and even iPhone 5.   [...]

A rifle with PGF

Google glass will be used by US army personnel to fire around the  blind corners. The technology works by sending the live video from the rifle’s sight which could be seen and recorded on a glass or even an iPad. The system [...]

Googel Glass Detector

No doubt Google Glass is a technological marvel but some people think it as a danger to the privacy and personal space. Well, it is a long debate to go on. Microsoft, in response to the Google Glass privacy issue, [...]

Ubic: A New Technology To Ensure ATM Users' Security Using Google Glass-1

One of the main apprehension of many people about the Google Glass is that it can infringe upon the privacy of other people. However, Saarland University has developed a system named Ubic that will ensure the privacy of the wearers [...]

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