Google Car

United Kingdom: Autonomous Vehicles To Be Tested On Public Roads-

The Government of His Majesty has given the green light for the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. These tests will be conducted on selected routes and the public can not participate. The UK has just taken a decisive step [...]

People Experience Google Car Without Steering Wheel For The First Time-4

In the recent years, Google has been developing a driverless car. Now in an impressive video, the company has unveiled a new prototype of this car without pedals or steering wheel. We make you discover this car of the future. [...]

Google Self-Driving Car Navigates In The Middle Of Traffic-

The day when autonomous cars will be able to transport us to our destinations without the need to touch the steering or pedals will probably soon be a reality. This fact is evident from the dramatic technological advancements of Google's autonomous cars. [...]

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